This week, I have had no motivation!  So I thought maybe an internet search could help me out. After all, you can find anything online, right? The first thing that came up was a definition for motivation.

  1. giving of reason to act: the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something
  2. enthusiasm: a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or commitment that makes somebody want to do something, or something that causes such a feeling

Seems simple right? WRONG! Shall we analyze?

A Reason to Act 

Duh! Its summer which means I usually end up in a bathing suit most weekends. Its 100° outside which means any chance of wearing jeans, sweats, long sleeved tees or baggy sweatshirts is totally ridiculous and anything less than that requires showing some skin. The reason to workout should be obvious and totally sweating its way into my subconscious every second of the day. But….such hot weather also means any chance of me being able to run outside (I hate the treadmill) is basically me choosing to sweat out every single ounce of fluid in my body. I am not being dramatic. If you have ever ran/worked out with me, you understand how much I sweat! Isn’t my husband a lucky man?




Oh yeah, hot weather also makes me want to BBQ and nothing goes better with the grill than and ice cold beer. I know runners need carbs, but I probably don’t need them if I keep skipping out on runs in order to drink those carbs.  Again, duh!





Also there is this little issue of goal setting. I have recently been thinking of same vague goals I have in terms of running. I want to set a new 5k PR. I have only run one 5k race (29:36) and it was nothing I had trained for and was an out and back with a great hill climb. Great race, not so great for a realistic 5k pace analysis. I usually destroy that time in training runs and I really want to find a 5k race to see what I can do. I think I can break into the 25 minute range. Also, I want to break the 2 hour time for a half marathon. My first half ever was in May 2012 and I finished with a 2:04:23. My second half was the SF First Half Marathon in July 2012 and with almost no training (my last long run in double digits was the half in May!) I ran a 2:06:04. What does this tell me? That I am a wimp! I really think my time/pace for the half is more in my head than my body. I KNOW I can run under the 2 hour time and now I just need to train for it and prove it!


This is tricky. I am currently on enthusiasm overload! My past two weeks have involved staying up every night past midnight to watch the Olympics while trying to do flips and spins in my living room and  making plans on going  to the track to time and compare my 400m splits to those I have watched (I am sure they are totally close!). If not one single part of the Olympics gives you enthusiasm for some competition, then I sincerely doubt we will get along! My problem comes with the fact that staying up so late and still making it to work the next morning is severely limiting my sleep which translates into no enthusiasm for actually working out.  A late night of Olympic fascination and workout planning/ scheming will lead to a sleepy morning which leads to very little workout activity during the next day and then the next night’s Olympic schedule starts the same process over again!

My excuse? The Olympics and 100° weather has ruined my life! No but I seriously need to get back on track. I seem to do better when I have specific events I am training for so that is the plan.  The husband and I are in the process of officially deciding which events we are going to be doing next. As much as I would love to do a huge, destination race every weekend, the cost of traveling all the time is something my bank account just can’t take. So the next couple of events will be more local and hopefully on the less expensive side.  Details to come soon, basically as soon as Wes and I can agree/agree to disagree!


Any other suggestions for finding/keeping/producing/forcing motivation are greatly appreciated/needed!

The images contained in this post were found by doing internet/pinterest searches and saved some time ago. At the time I didn’t even have this blog up and running and really had no plans for using them other than for personal encouragement. I apologize for not having all of the sources where they came from!