If you can’t tell by the title of this post, there are three things I really want right now.

                A long run with sub 8 minutes/mile average pace

                Killer legs with skinny knees

                To kick a full marathon’s ass


The truth is, I am a long way from any of these but a girl has got to dream right? And I need something to work towards! So many times when I want to quit in a workout, I try to remember what made me start in the first place. It helps me to have a couple of incentives as sometimes one is just not enough.

Today’s’ workout was leg focused on the weights and 400m repeats on the treadmill. I had a major accomplishment for me today as I workout out with 135 lbs on my squats. Hello? That is a big plate on each side people! I used to be afraid of lifting heavy and bought into the whole “too much weight will make me look bulky and manly”. Well guess what?  Too much fat makes you bulky too! I’m a genius, I know! After enough research, reading about what some of my favorite runners and fitness role models do, fighting about it with my husband and constantly bugging my trainer friends, I don’t really think I believe that anymore. When I commit to weights and running, I have actually leaned out and gotten stronger at the same time! Plus, I have seen some super fit (and tiny) girls at my gym squatting way more than that. If they got those butts with heavy weights, then I am all in. I also did some major leg presses and some front and back lunges. Every time I wanted to stop I checked out my knees/legs in the mirror and kept going. Not there yet, but working on it.

After weights I ran on the treadmill (I hate the treadmill but didn’t feel like whining about the heat outside today). I decided to do 8 repeats of 400m (0.25 miles) hoping to prevent treadmill boredom. I am a pretty consisted 9:00 to 9:30 minutes/mile runner. I want to be able to lay down low 8’s like it is no big deal! So I decided to run near my goal! I pumped up the treadmill and forced myself to feel what 8:00 minutes/mile felt like, at least for a quarter-mile at a time.  Just FYI, I always run with 2.0% incline. I find, for me, it translates from treadmill to outside running better. The first repeats were fine but the middle ones were rough. It was about the fifth repeat that I really wanted to just stop. This time I forced myself to consider what it will feel like to tell my next relay team that I was a sub 8 minute/mile runner or what it will feel like when I push for a full marathon. This was enough to get me through all 8 cycles. I actually started enjoying this workout about the seventh and eighth repeats!

Not there yet, but working to get closer!