So having made it past Labor Day, I am trying to quit mourning the end of summer and am trying to embrace fall. What are the two best things about fall? The cooler weather that allows me to take my runs outside and football season. Other than that, I want summer back! Ok, enough whining, I’m done!

I have two races coming up.

Galena Fest

The first is the Galena Fest trail run September 30th.  This trail is called The Wicked Thorn, which doesn’t give me a lot of confidence. I am not the best trail runner but I figure the only way to get better is to get out there and just get it done, dirt and all. I mean, I own trail shoes, they have to get dirty, right? The Wicked Thorn is an out & back of 7.3 miles and 1,400 feet of elevation gain.


The Wicked Thorn


Great Basing Brew Relay

The second is the Great Basin Brew Relay. This race is a 4 person relay race that totals 40 miles. The route is an out and back through Reno and Sparks along the Truckee River. This race is November 3rd.

Anyone want to come out and join us for either of these events?

So with those being declared, I have to seriously think about my training. I have three weeks until the trail run and eight weeks until the relay. Races are totally awesome for keeping me accountable!

Aside from running, football starts this week! We are fans and alumni of the University of Nevada Reno. Being true fans, you can be sure to find us tailgating before games and this Saturday is the season home opener. Tailgates are awesome for my need to socialize but awful for my diet and training. I can’t say no to chips and dip, almost anything on the grill and, of course, a cold beer on ice! The NFL is also awful for my running. Sometimes, waking up on Sunday morning, the idea of a mimosa and breakfast and then pizza and beer while watching NFL games all day is so much more appealing than a long run with a protein shake.

So, the next couple weeks are going to be about becoming a stronger trail runner, getting ready to be a part of another relay and trying to not gain hundreds of pounds while proving what a football fan I am!

Are you a trail runner?

How do you keep yourself accountable in your training?

What is your favorite tailgate food and beverage?