So, I really wanted this space to be about fitness and running. I wanted to show the highs and lows of the training and diets and fun events my friends and I do throughout the year. And while that is still the intention, I have found that my life has taken a bit of a turn and I have neglected this blog. My excuse…. I am pregnant! My husband and I are expecting our first bambino in May 2013.

Baby! Coming May 2013!

While I am over the moon ecstatic about this, I have not written anything here because I have been struggling with the idea that fitness and pregnancy can still belong together. I am not struggling with the idea that they belong together in general, because I totally believe that they do, but more so that anyone would want to read about my journey. The ideas of PR’s and new distances have had to be stored away for later retrieval. I have done one 10k race while pregnant and will not schedule another one until after my son is here. The urge to train harder, run faster, catch that guy in front of me is just too ingrained to let it go. Monitoring the scale and planning what I eat have been for an entirely new purpose. I have had to adjust my idea of fitness to balance with my “delicate” condition. I hate that saying! I don’t want to be delicate; I still want to be strong! I had every intention of writing about the adventures of my husband and my friends and their continued training but I find that it is so boring only looking from the outside in. I want to be involved too! A lot of pregnancy is a huge list of things you can’t do, so adding another element of my life that made me feel left out was not inspiring. So, this is the change. Hopefully someone out there wants to hear about my crazy path through pregnancy while still being as fit and as healthy as I can be. For the next couple months anyways, this blog is going to be about fitness through pregnancy as well as including the adventures of friends along the way. I figure the only way I will really enjoy this space is to make it my own. Cheers to the Come Back, to this blog anyways!