8 more weeks and counting! One of the hardest parts of my pregnancy has been the anticipation. Time seems to be going so slow! It feels super long to wait 40 weeks to meet the little guy! It is also more than that. It is a combination of wanting to meet my baby and wanting to get back to running and hard workouts and a more physical lifestyle. I feel like I am sitting and doing nothing! Even though I have maintained some working out throughout my pregnancy, this is the least I have done in years. I am not working out every day. Sometimes I am too tired or sometimes I am feeling sore. It is really frustrating to have sore muscles when you know you didn’t make them sore through a hard run or a great workout! I am working out when I can. I am decorating a nursery and reading baby books. I am trying to get me and the husband as ready as possible for this new change but all I can tell you for sure, is that I am horrible at waiting!

Sometimes it feels like all I can do is plan, and think, and think about planning what I am going to do when my pregnancy is over. Yes, I am a type A personality!  I realize that I will have a little boy who needs me in a whole new way than I have ever needed before but I think it will be important to me to make some “me time” also. I am already thinking of what races I want to try for later this year and next. The husband and I are already talking which one of us will have baby duty/cheering duty for which events. I’m already thinking and counting days until I can start working on my post-baby body.

Some of this may sound selfish. Some may think I should be solely concentrated on our new little one who will be here is approximately 58 days. I am enjoying this pregnancy as much as possible although I will admit to having a hard time when well intentioned people feel that need to comment on the size of my belly! Common sense, no matter how pregnant a woman is, she never wants to hear “You’re huge!”. However, despite this time of calm, I am looking forward to having a training goal again. I am already looking forward to chatting to my newborn son about the run I have planned when his Daddy gets home.  I am looking forward to sweating from a workout rather than from hormones and I am excited to start tracking my body getting smaller again rather than larger!