17 days left until my due date…but it’s not like I’m counting down or anything!


“You are huge!”

Gee thanks! I know you don’t see me every day so my belly is more shocking to you than to me but this should never be uttered to anyone, ever! And no, there is no nice way to take that!

“Are you having twins?”

No, I’m not but thank you for telling me I am huge. See above!

“How much weight have you gained?”

Are you really kidding me? Unless you are my close friend or family member, just because I am pregnant does not mean that I am going to talk to you about what I see on the scale in the mornings. Would you walk down the street and just ask anyone that question? 

“Are you going to eat that?”

Well, that is why I have it on the fork and in its way to my mouth. Being pregnant you can’t win this fight. I am always eating too much or not enough or not enough of whatever someone else wants me to eat.

“You’ve been pregnant forever!”

Nope. Just almost 38 weeks so far. See, human woman are usually pregnant for about 40 weeks total. Not forever, just 40….and it totally feels long to me too so just shut up!



Stretchy pants with no zippers

Maternity pants are like jeans or slacks with extra stretchy material at the top and a lot of them have no buttons or zippers. Like a work appropriate version of your most comfortable sweats.

Baby movements and kicks

I love feeling the baby move around! One of our favorite nighttime activities in these last few weeks is watching the belly move and change shapes. Such a crazy experience!

The anticipation and excitement of a new adventure

I am so ready for our baby to be here but sometimes the anticipation and preparation time is really exciting and dear to me too.



Snuggling the new baby and dressing him in all the cute outfits

Sushi and a Corona with lime!

A nice long run and a shorter faster run

Actually planning for, registering for, and training for a race……I can’t wait!

Being able to reach my toes without making funny, grunting sounds!

Not always having crumbs/food drop on my belly!

I swear, a larger belly is really just a magnet for dropping food on it no matter how careful I am trying to be!

The eventual return to my normal wardrobe

While maternity clothes have come a long ways, I’m still looking forward to my normal clothes and shopping in more than one small corner of the clothing stores!


Let the countdown continue!!!!