So I have been gone from this blog for about three months. Why? Because I had a freaking baby! An adorable, precious, sweet-as-can-be baby boy who has captured both mine and my husband’s hearts totally. I was gone from work and real life for three months as I was busy learning that becoming a new mama really does change so much in your life. But, as the time went by so fast, it is now time to come back to the real world. My real world is the balance of my amazing husband and incredible baby, a full time job, fitness goals both related to how I look/feel about my body and about how I perform in races and my weight training, and tons of other random stuff I throw in just to make sure there is never any down time!

Before I actually had my son, I had these amazing visions of giving birth and then rapidly returning to the fitness level I remember pre-pregnancy. I was sure I would spring right back up and it would be like an 8 lb 14oz baby had never actually been housed in my body. Well, surprise surprise, it hasn’t happened quite like that yet. I did not jump out of my hospital bed to run 8 min miles around the hospital. While I only have about ten more pounds to lose before I am back at pre-pregnancy weight, my stomach and body does not look like it did before it became a hotel. The weights I was once able to bench, squat and generally workout with have all been ridiculously lowered.

I don’t want to feel like I am starting over because I am trying to take pride in what I can still do and I have faith I will get back to where I once was. I can still run a 5k (as my husband and I pushed our baby in his first race just this last weekend), even if it is way slower than I have ever ran before. Baby's first 5k with Mom and Dad!

I can still get to the gym and push myself as hard as I can even if the numbers on the dumbbells are lower. I can still find races and workouts and all kinds of active things that I can work for and compete in, even if I am now doing it (happily) while pushing a running stroller!