We are on the HIIT (high intensity interval training) bandwagon! This is what my husband and I did last Sunday morning with the baby. We alternate with one person watching the baby in the stroller (who is usually fast asleep! He loves his Bob!) while the other is moving through the set. We did stair sprints, alternating toe touches on the bench for 1 minute intervals, incline sprints, broad jumps up stairs, and then more stair sprints. Total was about a 30 minute workout (not counting time out for pictures)!

Stair Sprints x 4
photo 3
photo 2

Alternating Toe Touches on Bench (1 minute intervals)
Wes-Hitler 1

Incline Sprints (sprint up, light jog down)
photo 11
photo 12

Broad Jump up Stairs x 4
photo 8
photo 6

Stair Sprints x 4 (2 sets= every step, 2 sets = every other step)
photo 17
photo 15

And of course we have to have a picture that includes the baby! Afterall, this was a family workout!!!
photo 9