Fitness and the quest for a healthy lifestyle are not easy. Running is not easy. Squats and lunges are not easy. Rewarding a hard workout with a protein shake rather than a margarita is not easy! I started running in the quest for smaller thighs and instead found a sport that is always challenging, so fulfilling and heartbreaking at the same time. I have found that I am willing to put up with the crazy sports bra tan lines in the effort to look and feel better in my bathing suit. I run alone, I run with friends and I run with teammates (This Ain’t Easy But We Are). I set goals that sometimes I meet and that sometimes I fail miserably at. I struggle to stay patient as I remember that a faster mile time and visible ab muscles are rewards for a lot of hard work and a disciplined diet. I am still struggling with sweating sunscreen into my eyes but it reminds me that I am working hard. I have been known to judge my whole day by how bad my clothes smell at the end of a run. I get happy when I wake up with sore muscles because it means I have exceeded my own previous limits. If it was easy, it might not be worth it!


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